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The reviews are in for A Section for Laughing…

My thoughts have been confimed, I can make people laugh just by writting the stories down.  Please see the Amazon reviews below…

Now, whether it’s becuase I have a bipolar disorder or not I’m unsure but, I’ve never been comfortable with accepting compliments as it feels as if I have something to boast about and display how bloody wonderful I am.  I think it’s how I was brought up and I must thank my parents for one important life lesson, “No one likes a smart arse.”

The trait I most detest in a person is bullshit and I’ve instilled that into my two sons.  It gets you nowhere, it’s short-lived and it’s a thin skin that bursts under prolonged questioning.  In short, it’s a psychological flaw in someone’s character and, as much as I know, I am good at what I do, and that’s where I’ll leave it.  Having said that, I do know the more indepth reason why I’m uncomfortable with receiving praise.  If I believed any accolade for one single moment I would stop trying and my work would suffer to the point of being trashy.

Amazon reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars a “long weight” or my favourite, “sparks for the grinder”, 27 May 2015  Hinckley, Leics United Kingdom – See all my reviews Verified Purchase (What is this?This review is from: A Section for Laughing (Kindle Edition)

This book was right up my street. It’s more suited to those 35+ who didn’t grow up in a world of technology but can relate to the stories Neil tells. He’s a gifted writer and engages you immediately in his stories and anecdotes, hugely entertaining and in many cases, laugh out loud. And I did, on many occasions. Some of the happenings are hilarious, I particularly guffawed at the incident on the train where a gust of wind through the windows ripped the newspapers out of the travellers hands, only for one of them to fly up the skirt of a woman. I can picture the hilarity when a male traveller tries to retrieve said paper, much to the chagrin and horror of the lady. The printing works and the apprentice reminded me of my first venture in to the work environment, over 30 years ago. The natural order of long serving workers versus apprentices rang true and I can picture the unrelenting wind-ups between the workers. I remember vividly being sent for “sky hooks”, a “long weight” or my favourite, “sparks for the grinder”. His analogies and comparators are spot on; reminded me of the writings of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

Excellent work Neil. As much as I hate cricket, I will be buying your next book.

4.0 out of 5 stars Tales from the life of a Bi-Polar guy – with humour! 14 May 2015  Northampton Northants United Kingdom –  Verified Purchase  This review is from: A Section for Laughing (Kindle Edition)

Despite being bi-polar with all the challenges that must pose, Neil has very definitely retained his sense of humour – indeed he appears to have been drawn to humour right from the word go, even before his illness. This book is a series of tales from Neil’s life – all told in ripe language – about shenanigans with his friends at their local pub, a trip to Europe when he was a drummer in a band, things he got up to when working as a printer in London, a trip to Windsor Safari Park, fishing…. His hilarious accounts of trying to overcome the hurdles of visiting a housing office to find somewhere to live, having lost his home while he was ill, pay tribute to his resilience. Tackling this would have pushed any of us to the limit, even without having health issues! Then of course he needed to furnish the home he eventually got – which entailed a visit to a well-known Swedish ‘furniture emporium’ ….. Read it for yourself – you will definitely laugh, as Neil wanted you to, but you will also get an insight of what it is like to be bi-polar in a very fast-moving world. Highly recommended read.

5.0 out of 5 stars If your looking for a read that will make you laugh and feel good I highly recommend this book, 22 May 2015 By Hannah – Verified Purchase … This review is from: A Section for Laughing (Kindle Edition)

After reading bi-polar expedition I was looking forward to reading Neil Waltons newest read, after having suffered from bi-polar for the majority of his life Neil has managed to keep his sense of humour, after suffering from anxiety and depression myself reading this book made me laugh from beginning to end his quirky sense of humour has me in stitches. If your looking for a read that will make you laugh and feel good I highly recommend this book, I also recommended reading bi-polar expedition as it explains Neils struggles through life and remains to keep his sense of humour you can also purchase this on amazon.

Bless you, I am chuffed… Neil


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